You are encouraged to accompany us on the inspection. You are free to ask us questions. We will explain things as we go along. Pictures will be taken during the inspection.

We will systematically look at all parts of the house. We take the macro/micro approach. We will look at the house from a distance, looking for clues or signs of problems or potential problems, as well as the overall condition of the structure. Then we move in to take a closer look at  the various components of the house. A house that is leaning to one side will not be visible if you are right next to the wall, but it will be obvious from the sidewalk, across the street, etc. On the other hand, something like missing caulking or flashing will not be noticeable from far away.

While we are outside, we will take both the far away look and close up look at the exterior of the house (doors, windows, building envelope, drainage, etc.), the structure (foundation and walls) and the roof (chimneys and vents, shingles/tiles/shakes, etc.). Anything that we observe will be noted. Other house systems that have components on the exterior will also be checked over. This can include the electrical drop and meter, the natural gas meter and pipes, the garage, exterior water faucets, decks/stairs, etc.

Once the outside portion of the inspection has been completed, we move indoors. Once again, we look at the systems from across the room, then move in close for a better view of each area. This interior inspection will have us look at the various systems within the house - heating, electrical, plumbing, walls, floors and ceilings, insulation, interior structural components, and more. We will test outlets and lights, run the water to check the functional pressure and drainage, look for any signs of moisture intrusion, check the operation of windows and doors as well as the major appliances, etc.

We will use various devices, such as a moisture meter, to assist us in our inspection. Use of an infrared camera is available on all our inspections.

Once the inspection is complete, we will prepare the type-written report and send it to the email address you provide. The report will detail the inspection results, and include any pertinent pictures that were taken. All findings will be noted. Any safety issues discovered will be stated. Recommendations will be included in the report. Every recommendation will include the reason for the recommendation and a timeline to show when the recommendation should be acted upon. Once you receive the report, you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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