"I really like your thoroughness and explanation during the home inspection. The communication we had (From first contact to follow-ups) was amazing and helped to prevent miscommunication that could have happened.  I found out about you via a recommendation from my realtor. The handling of the Inspection agreement, the payment, the inspection itself, and the report were efficient and precise yet were very helpful in understanding what I'm looking at. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and I have no complaints. You're definitely the person I would use again in the future, Marc. Should the opportunity arise, I will recommend you to the other people I know."  .....  Thatanet (Ted) T.

"Marc was quick to respond to my e-mails and requests. His inspection was very thorough and he walked me through the process while in the house, which was beneficial to my understanding of the inspection. I would recommend you Marc again on future projects."  .....  Warren K.


"Marc at Encompass was very thorough and knowledgeable which added value to our home purchasing experience. The comfort of his detailed report allowed us to make a decision to purchase our new home and negotiate that the sellers complete a few repairs prior to closing."  .....  Adam L.

"Hi Marc. Thank you so much for putting in the extra time on the inspection today. We thought you did a very thorough job and valued your insight."  .....  Abbie D. and James S.


"I was provided your name and contact info through my realtor. I found you very personable and approachable. Your service was thorough and the report was very comprehensive. I particularly liked the recommendation portion which indicates the importance of looking after items of concern and the suggested timeline. In addition, your willingness to review answer questions and explain "issues" during the inspection was extremely helpful. Your process re: booking, agreement and payment were all extremely easy. I would most definitely recommend you to friends and family."  .....  Jackie J.


"Thank you for providing your services and experience for our home inspection. We were pleased with your thoroughness and thoughtful process during the inspection and the attention to detail you followed. The home had some minor issues you noted that missed my attention and some more important things that I should have noted that I also did not see.  So having another set of experienced eyes helped us to better understand what things we may need to watch out for in the future.  A purchase this important can be emotional and keeping focus can be difficult."
"The findings and detailed report helped us to decide to proceed with the purchase of the home and we are glad to have had your advice in hand while making that decision. I know many inspectors may not spend the time to check every electrical outlet for example, but by checking, you did find an anomaly in a circuit which the seller had repaired. I understand that they were not aware of the problem themselves, and it reminds me to keep vigil over things as a homeowner since there will always be things to maintain."

"Thanks again for your assistance and we will gladly recommend your services to our friends and family."  .....   David and Heather B.



"I would like to say you have excelled and exceeded any expectations a homebuyer may have required.
Your attention to detail and the time taken ensure that the peace of mind of the purchaser and knowledge gained must be unmatched by anyone in the city. The report was helpful and is a fantastic document to keep an organized history of the home. It was a pleasure Marc and I will definitely recommend you to friends and family in the future."  .....  Frank and Ashleigh P.


"I was extremely impressed with the level of service I received from Encompass Home Inspections from my initial contact to the follow-up from the home inspection performed. I found communication to be prompt and clear. I very much appreciated that you were willing to work into the evening on Thursday to ensure that I received my report on time for Friday afternoon. I found you to be extremely approachable and knowledgeable through the process. I'll be thrilled to recommend your service to others requiring a home inspection."  .....  Ericka W.


"Try calling Marc with Encompass Home Inspections ..."  ..... Realtor Linda  Lukindo

"Just used Marc yesterday (thanks to this recommendation), and he is awesome."  .....  Realtor Rick Sadlier

"R.S. that's awesome. I'm so glad to hear that, he really is!"  .....  Realtor Linda Lukindo


"John and I were very satisfied with your work. Actually, you exceeded our expectation. Our Realtor gave us your name and we would recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"  .....  Diane M.


"Eric and Nicole were quite happy with your inspection. Thanks so much."  .....  Realtor Shelley Lavalliere


"Thank you for your inspection at .... We appreciate for your explanations and your good work. Everything was to our satisfaction."  .....  Karen D.


"Thanks Marc for your very thorough report.  As always, we appreciate your effort."  .....  Nolan R.


"I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I really appreciate."  .....  Harinder G.

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